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Version 1

Terms and Conditions

  1. A reward account will be opened for you automatically on acceptance to the Shop and Scan panel.
  2. Points will be rewarded as described on www.shopandscan.ie and in your panel member rewards or welcome pack.
  3. If you have any queries relating to your rewards then you can call the rewards hotline on 1800 818 517.
  4. Any other Shop and Scan queries should go to the Shop and Scan helpline 1800 313 213.
  5. Kantar Worldpanel reserve the right to change the rewards programme.
  6. Kantar Worldpanel reserve the right to change the reward items on offer.
  7. Kantar Worldpanel will notify you of any changes to the programme at least a month in advance.
  8. By making an order you are agreeing to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the reward programme.
  9. In particular you are agreeing for our rewards provider BI Worldwide Ltd to hold your address details. This is purely for the delivery of your reward items.
  10. All orders will be processed within 48 hours of receipt.
  11. Kantar Worldpanel reserve the right to decide membership of the Shop and Scan panel.
  12. All panel member kit and equipment remains the property of Kantar Worldpanel.
  13. Upon retirement from the panel no further points will be rewarded after this date.
  14. Upon retirement from the panel you will be unable to redeem any outstanding points until you have returned all panel member equipment.
  15. As soon as Kantar Worldpanel have received your equipment back then you can redeem any remaining points. You can redeem points up to 8 weeks after your panel retirement date.
  16. Kantar Worldpanel may temporarily freeze your account to cover extended periods where panel members cannot contribute to the task. (extended holidays, illness, moving home etc.). This will be at Kantar Worldpanel's discretion.
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